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What is a 100% Commission Brokerage ?

Why the Tennessee virtual online flat fee 100% Commission companies - and how does it effect me as a seller or buyer of property ?

To answer the first question; Why the Tennessee virtual online flat fee 100% Commission companies ?

The reason is quite simple, technology has finally caught up with the age old brick & mortar real estate company business model. Remember travel agencies ? You'd be hard pressed to find a store front travel agency any more. Soon real estate offices will be a distant memory as well.

Way back when by cracky, real estate companies had proprietary information that forced realtors to join a brokerage in order to access that information. Now that the internet has come to town the playing field has been leveled for all and realtors no longer need to pay the exorbitant fees to a brokerage, ..hence online virtual real estate brokerages like CURB !

Now for the second question; How does it effect you as a buyer or seller of a property ?

When you work with an agent from a one hundred percent commission broker, you are working with an agent that has considerably more flexibility in negotiating in working with you the consumer, in bringing your transaction to a close. Agents that are affiliated with traditional old school brokerages are limited as to what they can and cannot do which limits all the parties involved.

Another by-product of working with an agent affiliated with an online broker is, these agents typically tend to be more tech savvy, which results in better marketing exposure for the clients property.

The combination of an agent with more lateral freedom to sell your house and the knack for being ahead of technology is a winning combination for any buyer or seller !

Ronny Santana

Broker / Owner - CURB Realty

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